Empowered Life Choices
'The best way to predict your future is to create it.'
                                                                            - Peter F. Drucker
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The Essentials
  (Balance is Key in Living a Healthy Life)

Breathe Deeply
When you slow down and breathe deeply, your body relaxes
and you ease and lessen any worries or stress of the day you
may have. It's also great in getting rid of toxins in the body.

Drink Water Frequently

Drinking water (preferably Ph balanced/pure) wards off
fatigue and helps to flush out toxins in your body.

Sleep Peacefully
Your body regenerates itself when you have a long
uninterrupted restful nights sleep.

Eat Nutritiously
Add high quality supplements to your diet and eat foods that
are right for you. Antioxidant rich foods are very beneficial.
When you lean toward unprocessed, natural fresh nutritious
foods you'll find you will feel better on the inside and look
better on the outside.

Enjoy Activity/Be Creative
Find a variety of activities and exercises that you really
enjoy. Find an outlet to be creative, to express yourself,
just for the pure enjoyment/pleasure of doing it. HAVE FUN!

Lifelong Learning/Boost Your Brain Power
Develop a habit of learning something brand new. Play games with
other people that require you to strategize. Switch hands doing a daily
daily activity, e.g. brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand,
it strengthens those pathways and connections to the opposite side of
your brain. Do something different like take a new way to work, it
forces you to look at the world from a new
perspective. Learn another
language. W
hen you exercise your brain/stimulate your mind on a
consistent basis you greatly decrease the risk of losing your mental
capacities in later years.

Laugh Often
A good belly laugh gives the heart a good workout along
with the rest of the body. It reduces the level of stress hormones.
It increases the level of health-enhancing hormones like endorphins,
and neurotransmitters plus it contributes to a stronger immune system.

Quiet Time
Every day make time for yourself to be still. Find a quiet spot without
noise or any disturbances. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and just be
still, for at least 5 minutes, but if you can manage 15-30 minutes per
day it would be even more beneficial.

Give and Receive Love
Your physical body, emotional well-being, mental health and
spiritual life all are benefited by having love in your life, which
also includes being kind and loving to yourself.

Releasing and Making Peace w/the Past
Past experiences and hurts can serve as life lessons but if
the focus is only on the past, it uses up the energy needed
to live in the NOW!!!

Be Forgiving
Forgiving is not forgetting or condoning, but it is freeing
yourself. It is cutting the chains that have bound you to
an individual and the experience that has caused pain.
Remember to also be forgiving of yourself.

Practice Gratitude
When you truly appreciate what you have and are thankful,
you'll find you attract more good into your life.

Develop Acceptance
We all have our differences and may not agree with everyone
but if we learn to respect and accept people as who they are,
we all benefit. Live and Let Live!

Start the Day with an Intention
Intention is the greatest creative power on Earth. What you
intend is usually what you will manifest and experience. You
can bring about whatever you intend and focus on, so be very
clear about what you want. Thoughts and intentions are living
energies that influence that which will manifest in your life.

Be True to and Believe in Yourself
When you ignore your instincts, live a life someone else
wants you to live and you don't follow your true heart's
desire, it results in denying who you truly are. Free yourself
by finding and acknowledging your authentic self, believe
in yourself and then create your own destiny.

Positive Self-Talk/Words You Say to Others
Every word you say and think has power. Words and thoughts
shape your very character. The words you speak to yourself
is interpreted by your mind which follows your instructions
and your life is the result.

Stand Up for Something
As much as most of mankind would like to live in peace and
harmony where we have food in our bellies, a safe comfortable
bed to sleep in, good education to mold us, finances to
sustain us, and an honoring and respect for one another, there
are many who aren't living that way.

Whether it be for the betterment of a person, a people, the
animal and sea world, the environment, etc., collectively, if
each individual stood up and did something, no matter what
level or degree, the world would change.

Stop Comparing Yourself or Worry What Others Think of You
Everyone is special and unique in their own way. Celebrate
your uniqueness and stop worrying or comparing yourself to
others, it only blocks you from really living.

When you worry of what others think of you and look
for their approval, it only makes you a slave to them.

Develop True Friendships/Relationships
Align yourself only with people you mutually respect,
truly like, that lift you up and wish you all the best in life.

Find and Follow Your Passion
You live longer, happier and healthier when you wake up
in the morning looking forward to your day as you follow
your passion.

Believe in Miracles and that Anything is Possible
Belief that miracles do happen and with a mind-set that you
are limitless you can accomplish anything you truly desire.

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